This is just my opinion and experience regarding insulin resistant causes and its effective treatment. Some doctors in US also experienced the same thing in their clinics. I came across their blogs and did thorough research on scioentific article as well as doctors experiences in their clinics treating successfully type 2 diabetes. For natural fats do no harm to your body as long as you avoid totally from HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil). This is the top credit to be considered in reversing insulin resistant and type 2 diabetes.

Stabilized blood sugar level of diabetic patients (using herbs & minimum dose of prescribed hypoglycemic agent) taking a serving size of wholemeal bread that is free of sugar yet containing a little HVO as emulsifier, trans fat free vegetable shortening ( less than 2%) would still cause increase in blood sugar level. And it would not decrease easily even if you fast or in quite hunger. After several days of stop taking HVO and doing blood detoxification by herbs only blood sugar level becomes stabilize at 5 to 6 unit.

Even though the HVO being free of trans fat after being eliminated by a special process, insulin resistant do still occur in diabetic patients taking it such wholemeal bread, wholemeal crackers etc . Trans fat in natural sources of animal products such as milk, meat, pure milk butter do not cause insulin resistant in the first place, if only the diet free of HVO..

White sugar, white wheat flour, polished rice and other highly refined processed carbohydrate rich foods come sixth after that. Even if pre-diabetic and insulin resistant patient avoid totally HVO, insulin resistant would occur only after several days taking it. Whole carbohydrate rich foods like whole wheat grain, whole wheat flour, unpolished brown rice, parboiled rice, bulgur wheat (parboiled wheat), and so on would improve insulin sensitivity though.

As a conclusion, a diabetic patient of insulin resistant capable of reversing uncontrolled hyperglycemia should

1. Avoid totally all HVO as well as trans fat free food products, and no permissible amount allowed.
2. Take only whole & natural carbohydrate rich foods.

This diet should be practiced in line of taking diabetic medication (herbs, insulin, prescribed hypoglycemic agents). Close monitoring of blood sugar level and concurrent modification of diabetic medication doseage should be applied as to avoid hypoglycemia. This practice would gradually stabilize blood sugar without taking any medication at all. But still need to monitor & test blood sugar periodically as it would recur in case.

This practice would also stabilize triglyceride, total cholestrol and LDL level in blood of diabetics.

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