16 Disember 2016

DietTherapy For Inflammatory Diseases : Eczema, Psoriasis etc.

Unhealthy foods to be avoided : Diet Therapy for treating inflammatory diseases like Eczema, psorisis, SLE, gastritis, IBS, blood vessel diseases etc..

Oo.. HVO means hydrogenated fats purposely processed in modern food factory.. Trans fat.. All unhealthy semi synthetic fats.. Not natural fats..
Tend to build up in blood vessels, tissue, organ n cells including skin tissue as pimples, boils, black & white heads.. Minimize function of organs..  Reduce detox function by cells n organs as well.
Active herbs n nutrients cannot reach perfectly the cells n organs
We hv to get rid of this  kind  foods that slow down healing process
Natural fats saturated you may take no prob.. Butter like Anchor, Tatura, Ballantyne etc
Cannot take hydrogenated fats, trans fat, recycle cooking oil, like margarine, shortening,
Natural saturated fats like pure butter of cow's  is good to take.
Substitute margarine, non diary creamer with butter anchor and wholemilk.

Better you click post Makanan yg baik utk kesihatan as well to well  understand diet therapy of our approach..

 How to substitute group of foods to be avoided ... Why it is to be strongly, moderately or mildly prevented....
Generally.. Food to be avoided because :
1. Contain food additives of synthesized chemicals
2.  GMO foods
3. Vaccinated foods
4. Contain or made from semi synthetic fats i.e hydrogenated fats and its by-products i.e  trans fat ...  Cannot be metabolized effectively.. Very low bioavailability.. Tend to build up in cells, tissues, organs, blood vessels, skin tissues..
5. Contain antibiotics, steroids, hormones
6. Foods that contain other chemicals like pesticide residue,  anti- fungus compounds,  carbide, carriers etc.
7. Contain non caloric synthetic and semi-synthetic sweeteners like aspartame, saccharine, sucralose, HFCS, etc. Nano sugars of black cane's actually formulated with some portion of sucralose..
5. Recycle cooking oil,
6. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils
7. Minimize deep fried foods
8. Junk & fast foods that contain flavors, colorings, flavor enhancer, refineds food ingredients
9.. Minimize or reduce highly refined processed foods like white sugar, white wheat flour, white rice, cooking oil..  Better take wholefoods of highly nutritious naturally as replacement..
10. Replace poly-unsaturated vegetable oil with more saturated natural fats and oils like coconut oil, palm oil, pure butter & Ghee..
11. Mono unsaturated oil i.e oleic acid like olive oil considered stable oil n good for health..
Note : poly unsaturated oils are unhealthy oils that they are rapidly oxidized once exposed to air, partial heat, sunlight.. Transformed to polymer fatty acids or trans fat.  Very unhealthy oils..
12. Better reduce beef & mutton.. Replace with lamb or ayam kampung..
13. All processed meats  and fish to be avoided. Burgers, nuggets, sausage, fishball etc.
14. Ayam daging, telor komersial and ikan belaan to be avoided..  Strictly